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Important Adoption Update (August 20, 2020):  

Folks are continuing to apply for puppies and dogs at a rapid rate. The dogs you see on our website are not the only dogs/puppies we have available but we cannot list the most highly adoptable dogs because it results in more inquiries than our small staff can handle. We are continuing to approve adopters and recommend dogs based on what we learn through the adoption approval process. If you apply, please remember that adoption approvals are based on the typical work/school schedule of a family. Despite the current situation that has resulted in many families being home full-time, we are not making exceptions to our policy. Please be certain this is truly the right time for your family to commit to a fur-ever friend.

Dogs and puppies are being adopted very quickly, so it does not make sense to ask specifics about a currently available dog prior to becoming approved. Once approved, we can talk about specifics. Also, if you're a current pet owner, please make sure the vetting for your current pet(s) is up to date prior to applying, this includes (but is not limited to) rabies vaccines for cats and Heartworm tests and prevention for dogs. Calling your vet to confirm that your pet is up to date before applying will help move the process along. If a client does not pass a vet check, we will not move forward with the adoption process. 

Thanks for your interest in Mary's Dogs. We look forward to helping you become the Hero in a dog's life!
Allyson Larochelle
Executive Director


Through cooperation with our close-knit rescue partners in the south, Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption staff, volunteers, Board members, and adoptive families in New England effect a three-fold mission:

1.    We actively support the efforts of our rescue partners who work to reduce the number of homeless dogs by rescuing dogs off the streets and from shelters, and who raise awareness of canine health issues, and spay and neuter programs.

2.    We find forever homes for dogs when they arrive at our New Hampshire facility and receive all necessary health certificates.

3.    We ensure excellent supportive and medical care of rescued dogs throughout the adoption process and follow up with families after dogs are placed in their homes. Through every step of the rescue and adoption, connections are made between people, cultures, and dogs. Our community is extremely grateful for the supportive network that embraces us.

Thank you to our partners in the south, our team, and all our adoptive families for being​ the Hero in a dog’s life.

Why adopt a Mary's Dog? ​ All dogs deserve a chance to find a loving and caring home. Many are abandoned or neglected or never given the chance of a good life. As soon as our dogs are in the care of our southern partners, they are treated as family members while awaiting transport to New Hampshire. Our professional team begins caring for the dogs as soon as they arrive at our state-licensed facility to ensure the dogs successfully transition into forever homes. We provide specialty collars and leashes, yummy treats, toys and even homemade chicken stew.​ ​The dogs are examined by our veterinarian and then microchipped.

Once they are granted a NH Health Certificate and observed by our dog savvy rescue team, they are ready to be loved by you! We know our dogs. It’s important you find the right dog for you and your family. We want all our adoptions to be successful and are available to answer your questions before and after you’ve brought your dog home. Please keep in touch! Join our growing community of dog parents and best friends. Come to one of our events, ​learn about dogs, buy a dog a gift ,​ ​— ​share photos!​

We love every dog we rescue. Good dogs make best friends. Will you be the Hero in a Mary’s Dog’s life?

2020 Run for the Dogs

SUNDAY, August 30th, 8:30AM
5K Race / 2K Walk - Leashed dogs are welcome!
Deerfield Fairgrounds, 34 Stage Road, Deerfield, NH
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