Be the Hero in a dog's life.
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Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption wants to place the dogs we rescue in homes that are
compatible with their needs and the needs of their new family.
Please complete this important questionnaire as completely as you can.
Thank you.
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Renters are required to provide name and phone number for your landlord. Adults living
with family members must provide the homeowner as a “Landlord.”

Incomplete vet information is certain to hold up the approval process.
Please let your vet’s office know to expect a call from a Mary's Dogs Team Member and
that you give permission to release information to us.

Two References. (Include area code and phone numbers. Cell numbers are
Please note:
  • Your dog must live indoors with plenty of access to outside fun with you.
  • If the adoption does not work out for any reason, please offer us right of first refusal.
Thank you for being the Hero in a dog’s life!