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Our Team


Jen Curran, Chair & President
Traci Bisson, Vice President & Marketing Subcommittee Chair
Melinda Shofner, Secretary & Business Plan Subcommittee Chair
Dave Berube, Treasurer & Finance Subcommittee Chair
Kelly Gamache, Member & Fundraising Subcommittee Chair
Michelle Normand, Member & Website Manager
Gabe Denick, Facilities Director
Cari Bourn, Member
Meghan Hart, Member

Rescue Staff

Allyson Larochelle, Executive Director
Stacey Elliott, Assistant Director
Jess Winiarski, Foster/Volunteer Coordinator

Inn Team:

Julie Beal
Lucas Bisson
Nicole Boyd
Anne Eiseman
Kristen Fraser
Lars Grotenhuis
Terry Kane
Morgan Koskela
Makena Lee 
Alli Titterington
Marianne Titterington
Andreanna Andrew

Adoptions Team:

Jenn Cronshaw
Lisa Babcock
Rebecca Burlem

Media Team:

April Hurley
Carrie Cormier

Volunteers and fosters also dedicate countless hours to loving, petting, calming and caring for Mary's Dogs. We are immensely grateful to each of them for their dedication and support.

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