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Many of our events are dog-friendly and proceeds go to Mary's Dogs. Come join the fun! When: 


When:  May 20 @ 2:00-5:00
What:  Kimberley Sarah Art Gallery Event @ The Dog Art Gallery
Where: 40 Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, NH
Cost:  Tickets are $30 each

Attending the Canine Refined Gallery Show is not only an opportunity to appreciate beautiful art created by Kimberly Sarah Photography but also to make a meaningful contribution towards a great cause. By purchasing a ticket, you will be supporting Mary's Dogs Rescue and Adoption. These furry companions bring joy and companionship to our lives, and by attending the show, you can help ensure that more dogs have the chance to find their forever homes. Additionally, the artwork on display celebrates the unique beauty and personality of dogs, and can serve as a reminder of the special bond we share with our four-legged friends. Don't miss this chance to make a positive impact and surround yourself with art that inspires and delights!

When:  Sunday, May 28, 2023
What:  Annual Race/Walk for the Dogs
Where:  Deerfield, NH
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When:  June 17 @ 10:00-3:00
What:  Somersworth Children's Festival
Where:  Noble Pines Park, Sowersworth, NH

When:  June 24 @ 11:00-4:00
What:  Northwood Brewery Good Dogs Event
Where:  Northwood , NH


When:  TBD
What:  Subaru Loves Pets
Where:  Exeter, NH

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